All the ingredients to make a DIY GoPro float!

Having reviewed the video footage captured so far, I wanted to find a way of allowing the camera to explore the water on it’s own without my interruption. Using the crabline to place the camera in the water meant I was restricted, only able to video as far as I could reach. I wanted the camera to float near the surface of the water so it could take its own independent journey through the water.

After watching a few clips online and having a rummage through the garage I gathered the materials to attempt to create my own GoPro floatation device.

For this device you will need:

  • Drill/something sharp to make a hole
  • A plastic bottle
  • Nut and bolt
  • Rubber washer
  • Super glue

Having spent the day trying out my new device I was very pleased with how well it worked. The float allowed the camera to move naturally through the water. The outcome of the film was no longer up to me. The water adopted the camera and became the director, using its current and tides to navigate it was able to choose what it is the camera would film.


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