Next stop… Sea swimming!

Second stop…. sea swimming!

Day one experimenting. The tide and seaweed play tug of war with my GoPro. I became interested in the way the seaweed interacted with the camera obscuring the view. The interesting thing about using the GoPro Hero is that I cannot see what it is i’m filming until later when I plug the SD card into my computer. This leads to unsuspected surprises when viewing footage.

Behaviour: Persistent and mischievous. Like an older sibling perhaps. Can be boisterous, pushing and pulling myself and the camera around. Persistently trying to steal my camera whenever my back is turned.

Here are small clips from some of the footage I shot in the sea. This was my first day with the camera so I was just experimenting with how I can get the camera to interact with the water. Today I attached the camera to some fishing wire and placed it in the water.

Below are some short clips of todays footage.

This clip shows the camera being taken on a journey through a pile of seaweed. I was interested to see how biological this footage appears.

Here the camera focuses on a specific patch of seaweed, the water and sun work together to enhance the vivid greens of the seaweed. I really like the colours in this clip and the reflection made by the surface of the sea.





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