A visit to Ninesprings

Today I visited Ninesprings country park in Yeovil to collect some video footage. I was unsure what I wanted to capture, but I knew it was under the water.

I found an old crab line buried in my garage. I used to use it in rock pools on holiday and at West bay with my dad. We used to collect them in a clear bucket to look at, then when my dad tried to release them one latched onto his finger and wouldn’t let go. My dad remained calm and eventually the crab removed himself from his finger and shuffled back to the sea. I remember feeling sorry for the crab. That must have been quite a traumatic experience for him being taken from to entertain our curiosity.

So today I used that crab line to attach to my GoPro. This allowed me to lower the camera into the water and get a clear view of what’s going on under there. With me comfortably on land,  I was able to explore underwater without creating to much disturbance to the life underneath.

As mentioned in my last post, the interesting thing about the GoPro is that you don’t know what it is you’re filming. These videos and process of shooting become not so much about how the footage might look and the direction of the camera, but a more curious journey of exploration into the depths of water I have not yet encountered.

When viewing my footage this evening, I have been surprised by what i’ve captured. The videos I have captured show the water in a perspective I have never seen before. It looks like a whole different world. Some videos remind me of outer space, the sun enhancing the dust particles to look like stars. Some remind videos remind me of inner space, the blood cells and organisms floating through our body.


Waterfall running onto GoPro blurring it’s view


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